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Vocal Doubler Release Notes

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Logic pro x update release notes free download. Logic Pro release notes

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Version History Logic Pro X Sometimes when picking an icon for a Drum Machine Designer cell. When rubber band selecting a group of notes in the Piano Roll immediately after changing screen sets. When initializing a connected Mackie HUI control surface. When the currently active audio device is disconnected and then reconnected. When a file with a name containing 2-byte characters is dragged onto the Current or Reference button of the Match EQ plug-in.

There is no longer a glitch at the beginning of a skip cycle area when Cycle Pre-Processing is enabled. Quantizing notes on a Software Instrument track during playback no longer sometimes causes audio dropouts.

Stepping through Alchemy presets no longer causes the memory usage of Logic Pro to rise unexpectedly. Editing It is once again possible to Shift-click to select non-contiguous notes in the Piano Roll editor.

Pressing Option-Shift while adjusting the Piano Roll Velocity slider again sets all notes to the same velocity as expected. It is no longer possible to inadvertently set the length of a note to 0 ticks in the Event Editor or the Step Editor. Mixer Addresses a rare automation related issue that could cause a bypassed Send on a muted Channel Strip to remain active. Duplicating a track now reliably duplicates all plug-in parameter values.

Clicking Cancel in the dialog shown when deleting an Aux in the mixer that is assigned to a track no longer deletes the Aux. Solo now works on channels routed to mono outputs higher than Output 1 or 2.

Soloing a channel strip routed to a mono output no longer unexpectedly mutes the right output. Soloing an output above 1—2 now mutes Output 1—2 as expected. Duplicating a track now also duplicates its track notes.

Accessibility VoiceOver again properly announces selected regions. Plug-Ins Audio is now routed properly from Audio Unit-based multi-output instruments in projects saved in previous versions of Logic Pro X. When importing drum kits into Ultrabeat, the Import Kit name is again properly displayed. Instances of the Tremolo plug-in with a rate set to a Hz value are no longer reset to 32 bars when the project is loaded. General Joining audio regions when Low Latency mode is enabled no longer sometimes leads to the new region being shifted to an incorrect position.

Dragging an Apple Loops file into a track with a custom name no longer renames the track. Editing notes in the mixer notepad no longer sometimes causes custom fonts to reset, or text to be unexpectedly duplicated. It is once again possible to rename files and regions in the Project File browser using a key command. It is once again possible to extend the selection of an audio file beyond the current visible area in Impulse Response Utility.

Download Logic Pro X Related Post. Posted in Logic Pro X News. Read more. Robert Miles — Children Logic X Start typing and press Enter to search. Shopping Cart. No products in the cart.


Download Free Logic Pro Update.Release Notes | Waves

Switching workspaces should only cause motes, so we fixed that. Smoothed some wrinkles in the loading of Slack calls and boosted general under-the-hood call performance while we were in there.


– Logic pro x update release notes free download

Learn about versions of Logic Pro Find information about the latest updates, features and improvements included in new versions of plugins; applications; and firmware for SoundGrid servers.


Logic pro x update release notes free download –


Before updating Logic Pro, make sure to back up the currently installed version of the Logic Pro application and your Logic Pro projects. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products.

Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Contact the vendor for additional information. Logic Pro release notes Learn about current and previous versions of Logic Pro. New in Logic Pro Improved stability when using Audio Units running natively on a Mac with Apple silicon.

Logic Pro no longer becomes unresponsive when quickly changing presets on the Vintage Organ. Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could quit unexpectedly when renaming Arrangement Markers after a Marker Set has been created Logic Pro no longer quits unexpectedly when Explode Folders is selected for a folder in the Score. Performance Large sample-based instruments now load more quickly.

The playhead no longer appears to be stuck when playback is started after the computer wakes from sleep. Performance is improved in large projects in which the Console 1 Lua script is installed. Automating Smart Controls to modulate Envelope 1 Attack in Sampler now sounds correct when the display shows the value returned to 0. Plug-ins Resolves an issue in which some multi-output Audio Unit software instruments showed more outputs than were actually available. Performance is improved when streaming audio to Elektron hardware using the Elektron Overbridge plug-in.

Mixer The Mixer now displays correctly after Hide buttons on several tracks have been enabled. Content Time Machine volumes can no longer be selected as the destination when relocating the Sound Library.

Resolves an issue in which relocating the Sound Library to an external drive was not possible. Automation Automation of toggled parameters for Audio Unit plug-ins now work as expected. Export and bounce Regions that are bounced in place are now named based on the Track, rather than the Channel Strip.

Fades Edits applied with the Fade tool to multiple selected regions now work as expected. Smart Controls Fixes an issue where touching the Limiter level parameter in the Smart Controls can cause an unexpected drop in level.

Track Stacks The names of sub-tracks in a software instrument track stack now display properly. MIDI controllers and control surfaces Resolves several issues with Lua script support for control surfaces. When a Drum Machine Designer track is selected, control surfaces now display the channel strip as Drum Machine Designer instead of displaying the name of the audio plug-in on the first insert slot.

General If the left and right locators are set to the same position and Cycle is enabled, putting Logic Pro into play mode now disables Cycle. Fixes an issue where the playhead might not respond correctly after the Mac wakes from sleep. A highlighted Marquee section is now dismissed after it is Option-dragged to copy the selection.

Marquee selections are now deselected after the Repeat function is used. Previous versions. Fixes an issue where Logic Pro occasionally quit when using older versions of Waveshell.

Fixes an issue where Logic Pro occasionally quit when selecting a track automation parameter. Restores the ability to click the transport Play button while a Live Loops cell is in record. Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could quit unexpectedly when stepping through presets in the Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 plug-in. Performance Instances of Ultrabeat now load more quickly. Live Loops Fixes an issue where cells containing files that are a different sample rate than the project play at the wrong pitch until the end of the current loop when the Flex mode is changed.

Fixes an issue where Sampler zones could lose their connection to samples when they are edited in the Audio File editor. Plug-ins Fixes an issue where notes hang occasionally in Studio Strings when playing back in cycle mode if the instrument is set to a MIDI channel other than channel 1. Content The Bass patch now plays as expected. The Vowel Pad patch now plays as expected.

Fixes an issue where Catch Playhead occasionally activates when editing notes in the Piano Roll during playback. Drum names in Producer Kits now display as expected in the Piano Roll. The Event List display now updates properly when events are moved. Export and share MIDI Files exported from regions contain events from the end of the region as expected.

Impulse Response utility Quad audio files dropped into Impulse Response Utility now show the correct channel labels when True Stereo is chosen from the format dropdown. General Logic Pro no longer shows an error when choosing a different tempo from the Transport if Advanced Tools is not enabled. Fixes an issue where copying a looped region sometimes overwrites subsequent regions in the track.

It is now possible to copy a region that loops to the end of a project over itself in No Overlap mode. Fixes an issue where saved Spotlight searches that include files accessible in the All Files browser in Logic Pro occasionally cause navigation issues. Logic Pro Stability and reliability Logic Pro no longer quits unexpectedly: When beaming a large number of notes in the Score. When making long recordings into Quick Sampler.

When stepping through ChromaVerb presets. Occasionally when setting color display options in the Piano Roll. Logic Pro no longer hangs: When the Paste Multiple command is applied in the Score editor if the clipboard is empty.

Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could unexpectedly quit when reversing the direction of a Live Loops cell during playback. Fixes an issue where Logic Pro occasionally quits unexpectedly when moving plug-ins to different positions in the Mixer while using VoiceOver.

Resolves an issue where Logic Pro sometimes quits unexpectedly when clicking in the patch library immediately after saving a project. Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could occasionally quit when selecting the Additive tab in Alchemy after creating a new track from a sample. Resolves an issue were Logic Pro could quit unexpectedly when multiple projects are open. Logic Pro no longer shows an error when trying to create a Template in certain rare cases.

Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could quit unexpectedly when dragging a repeat symbol to the score. Performance Creating a Drum Machine Designer instance from an audio file containing multiple slices is now much faster.

UI performance when editing Flex Pitch on long audio files is improved. Projects named with the file extension in uppercase now open as expected. Opening and closing Logic Pro plug-in windows no longer causes memory usage to increase. Resolves an issue where Logic Pro occasionally hangs when certain video files are open in the project. Studio Strings now play back smoothly in cycle mode when there are large tempo changes. The Audio Cell Editor is no longer empty after joining two cells containing audio regions.

Fixes an issue where audio regions transferred from the Tracks area to cells in the Live Loops grid are occasionally transposed unexpectedly. Deleting the last Live Loops cell on a track now causes playback to automatically switch to the Tracks area. The Slip and Rotate commands in the Live Loops cell Piano Roll editor now work as expected when the cell is not selected. Dragging a Marquee selection from a Live Loops cell Audio editor to the Tracks area now correctly sets the editor view to the Audio Track editor.

Stopping recording of a Live Loops cell no longer stops playback of all other cells when the playhead has reached the end of the project timeline. The Repeat Once command now correctly overwrites content in the Live Loops cell to the right of the currently selected cell.

Dragging a scene in the Live Loops grid no longer causes the view to scroll to the bottom. Live Loops cell editors no longer display the Global Tracks area in cases where Global Tracks are not functional. Step Sequencer pattern cells now take on the color of the track. Select by Transient in the Audio Cell Editor now reliably selects all transients in the cell. The Copy to Live Loops command now populates the currently focused, or first following empty scene rather than the first empty scene in the grid.

Live Loops grids now play and respond as expected after saving as part of an untitled project on systems using UAD Apollo interfaces. Copying selected Markers to the Live Loops grid now sets Cell lengths to the distances between Markers in cases where the Marker lengths are 1 clock tick. A cell moved to a different track and then back while playing no longer speeds up briefly.

Pasting a Marquee selection into a Live Loops cell now includes any blank space that is part of the selection. Fixes an issue where copying multiple contiguous regions from the Audio Cell Editor to the Tracks Area sometimes results in unexpected overlaps between regions. Changing the tempo of a cell now consistently works with audio files that have had the original recording tempo removed.

Option-clicking Live Loops cells now toggles their queue status. The Live Loops Cell contextual menu now includes recording settings.

It is no longer possible to inadvertently select a cell in the Live Loops grid and a region on the same track in the Tracks area. Audio files added to the Audio Cell editor are no longer placed one bar to the left of the position clicked with the pencil tool.

Cells containing flattened take folders now play back reliably at the correct tempo. Cutting a portion of the start of Take region in the Audio Cell editor no longer removes the same section from other takes in the Take folder. Fixes an issue where edits applied to individual Takes in the Live Loops Cell editor are occasionally applied to the Take folder.

Pattern cells in the Live Loops grid can now be reliably deleted after performing Undo in the Step Editor. Live Loops cell recording behavior is no longer affected by the cell playback mode.

Live Loops cells created by dragging a marquee selection of audio regions to the grid now play back in sync and at the correct tempo. When a flexed cell is copied to an empty track, the track now reliably switches to the flex mode of the copied cell. Cell or scenes in the Live Loops grid can no longer be inadvertently dragged when tools other than the pointer are assigned.

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