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Two stars, and they’ll begin spawning on motorcycles. With three and four stars they’ll start appearing in police cars and 4x4s. It’s not perfect, but it’s a huge improvement over what’s there. One of the most baffling omissions from Cyberpunk is a way to change your character’s appearance once you’ve started playing. In a game with an incredibly robust character creator, in a futuristic setting built around the idea that everyone can quickly modify their bodies and looks at the local ripperdoc… you simply can’t.

You can’t even get a haircut or change your nail polish color once you’ve made your V. This mod lets you make some changes to V after you’ve started playing. It won’t let you completely redesign your character, but you’ll be able to at least change your hairstyle and tweak your facial features using sliders, including eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. We’re hopeful the developers will someday patch in a real system to re-customize your character, as they did with the Witcher 3’s free beard and hairstyle DLC.

Style is everything in the world of Cyberpunk , but that’s a tough mantra to follow when you come across a pair of pink hot pants that have a better armor value than your kevlar vest, or you find a fedora with more damage protection than your sweet-looking biker jacket. As you collect higher level clothing items, you’re often forced to choose between a wardrobe that looks cool and complements your character’s style or items with better stats that might wind up looking mismatched and ridiculous.

That’s not completely unusual in games, but this is Cyberpunk, where how you look should match how you feel. You can spend time crafting to improve the clothes you love, and visit shops to hunt for higher level clothing you like, but you’re still going to have to abandon your wardrobe pretty often in favor of stuff you don’t really like.

This workaround mod is a pretty extreme solution—it essentially makes every single item of clothing legendary quality and adds the max amount of slots to each. So, if you like a particular pair of pants or can’t bear to be without a specific pair of shades, you won’t ever have to give them up.

This is a small issue—literally, it takes up a tiny square on your screen—but it’s an annoyance that every single one of Cyberpunk ‘s millions of players has experienced. The minimap is so tightly zoomed in that, while driving and following your GPS, you’ll routinely miss a turn, have to slam on the brakes, and go skidding all over the road, into barricades or pedestrians, or off a bridge. The issue doesn’t seem all that complicated and other driving games have been doing it for years.

The minimap just needs to zoom out while you’re traveling at higher speeds so you can see your turns coming. But it hasn’t been patched in yet, so this mod is a fine solution. Let’s face it—the weather of the future is not going to be lots bright sunny days and visibility for miles—especially in Cyberpunk’s reality, where the city is surrounded by literal mountains of trash.

Say no more! Is it for posting it on YouTube or TikTok and become famous? Both platform have their own video editors. For more advanced users, as always, there are plenty of choices out there. Just like in the case of image editing , the masters are Adobe. They offer the best video editing software but at a price, often quite steep. With no less than three programs for different types of users, they cater for all: Adobe Premier Pro for professionals, Adobe Premiere Elements for beginners and Adobe Premiere Rush for mobile users.

But what about free ones? Well, there are a sleuth of video editing programs out there with quite a lot of them being free to use. Give it a try though. Many more free apps for editing videos are available.

A productivity suite refers to, well, a software pack that is used for producing information, for personal or office work. As I said before , your computer is much more than a toy. But what if you need to work from home?

Creating documents, worksheets, presentations, databases, charts and graphs has never been more easier. Which office suite is best and better yet, how much will it cost?

It is still the most popular productivity suite for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Or is it? Microsoft is trying a new approach by migrating its office suites online and moving from a one-time purchase model to a subscription-based one. Still not cheap but, again, this a budget-oriented website that tries to show you the best options available.

So watch out for good deals, even here , a you can get Office that works offline for a fraction of the cost. Keep in mind though, you may encounter some compatibility problems with some files. Free is not always better. Here is a more detailed guide on Microsoft alternatives you can try out. For those that are always connected, to the internet I mean, there are also office suites available online-only which are also free.

Yes they cover mostly basic functionality but, for uncomplicated jobs, you can try them out. They offer some handy features like cloud-storage and promise compatibility with Microsoft documents. Now get to work!

Photo editing software can help to bring focus to a picture, highlight key subjects or transform an average picture into something incredible. For easy jobs, such as resizing an image, cropping and other simple tasks, I find that using simple software works best. Windows Paint and the newer Paint 3D offer sufficient functionality for those kinds of jobs. The 3D version has some cool options like effects and 3D Text and objects. Give it a try. As you probably know, Adobe is the standard when it comes to image editing software.

Photoshop has become a term in probably every language by now and sometimes even a verb. For more down to earth people like us, they created a simpler app, Adobe Lightroom. Plenty useful features and an intuitive interface. Everything Adobe makes costs a lot of monies. They are the best though. You can find dozens of photo editing programs, each with different features, interfaces and prices. Other, newer options are available and if you want to know more you should check out this guide here.

And since this is a budget-oriented site, we have also some recommendations for free image editing software, apart from Paint. It works great on all desktop operating systems and you can edit photos of all formats.

Another free graphic design software with a big follower base is Canva. It works even on mobile phones and can make your life easier by letting you edit your photos instantly. There are quite a few online photo editors such as Pixlr Editor , Snappa , Fotor and many more. Having a media player app is a necessity.

But not everyone likes or is satisfied with those. For more picky users, there are alternatives that can successfully replace those. It can play most of the videos files very well and it has a simple and clean interface, though functionality and options are very limited. And as far as playing music in this day and age, who needs a music player anymore? It is by far the best media player out there. Using a range of open source codecs to power it, it can play almost anything.

And the best part is that is free, open source and can run on all platforms including mobile. On top of that, it has so many options and customizable preferences that advanced users may find appealing. Enjoy your media in style! There are a lot of online computer games stores out there. If you recently got yourself a new gaming PC and want to put it to good use, the you will need software.

Steam is the big dog around. The Steam storefront sells more PC games than any other digital outlet with over 15, titles to choose from. Biggest downside to Steam is that it forces you to launch a game in online mode before you can play it offline and some games may require an always-on connection.

On the other hand, it has a big active community that can help solve questions, review games and generates great content via the Steam Workshop.

Once you downloaded one their games, you can install it on any PC. Connected to the internet or not. They have a wide selection of classic games that are well optimized and offer excellent support.

Also they offer free games once in a while. Some of what you pay for the bundles goes to a charity of your choosing. There was a problem. Please refresh the page and try again. One of the best roguelikes ever is getting a 3D remake with a rewind function. The best gaming routers in The best gaming chairs in Best antivirus for PC gaming The best gaming headsets in Australia for Jsaux Steam Deck dock.

Innocn 40C1R ultrawide. HP Omen 45L. Two Point Campus review.



Bang4buck pc gamer

Games that are worth while your hard earned cash. Games would be reviewed different categories like hours of game play, graphics, immersiveness, etc. I have no guestimate for how long the water was leaking, but first thing I did was unplug the PC youtube comparo done by bang4buck pc gamer showed side by side fps of dx 11 vs 12, dx11 was about 20fps on average better. My Channel trailer, just a quick preview of what you can expect, enjoy. Welcome to the PC Gamer YouTube channel. budget p p/p ultrawide 4k Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.


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