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Chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free download. Chief Architect x10 Reference Manual

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Chief Architect x8 Reference Manual – – Building & Design Tools

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The following are videos recommended by our Training team; these videos reveal useful tips and new features on a variety of topics. What’s New. Roofs: 1. Roof Tips and Tricks.

A brief overview of Chief Architect basics: this series covers the basic features and procedures so you can start using Chief Architect software right away. Quick Start Introduction. Floor Plan Basics. Default Settings Summary. Preference Setting Summary. Dimensioning Basics. Navigating Views. Cabinet Basics. Stair Basics. Framing Basics. Roof Basics. Ceiling Basics. CAD Basics. Creating Layouts and Construction Documents. Productivity Tips: Saved Plan Views. Migrating to the Newest Version of Chief Architect.

Creating Templates from Existing Plans. Creating a Layout Template. Backup and Revision Management. Managing Activations. Exporting ResCheck Data. Become familiarized with Chief Architect’s User Interface; learn how to use and customize toolbars and hotkeys, customize program preferences and plan defaults.

Drawing and Placing Objects. User Interface Overview. Using Side Windows. Working with Multiple Views. Controlling Pop-up Contextual Menus. Using Toolbars. Working with the Toolbars. Customizing the Toolbars. Cursor Behaviors and Crosshair Choices. Off Angle Wall Indicator. Selecting Objects with the Mouse. The Plan Development Sequence. An in-depth look into customizing program preferences and plan defaults: learn how to set your defaults to place the right kind of cabinet, door, window, etc.

Preferences and Defaults. Understanding and Using Cabinet Defaults. Electrical Object Defaults. Adding Watermarks. Setting Defaults for Your Plan – Part 1. Setting Defaults for Your Plan – Part 2. Setting Defaults for Your Plan – Part 3. Setting Defaults for Your Plan – Part 4. Setting Second Floor Defaults.

Selling the Job – Defaults and Preferences. Centering Objects. Designing and Selling with 3D Software. Using the Break Tool. Using Construction Lines. Using Style Palettes. Multiple Copy. Object Eyedropper and Painter. Color Chooser. Edit Behaviors. Productivity Tips. Stretch Zones and Planes. Controlling the Drawing Order of Objects. There are various methods of defining walls in order to customize their construction, learn how to utilize different wall types, and how to manipulate them to be the perfect wall for your design.

Drawing Walls. Editing Walls. Railing Walls. Room Divider Wall Type. Identifying Unconnected Wall Ends. Creating a Dynamic Wall Legend. Create Wainscoting Using Cabinet Symbols. Design Wainscoting for Walls and Stairways.

Productivity Tips – Storing Wall Types. Multiple Wall Framing Layers. Wall Coverings. Stepped Foundation. Learn how to customize doors and windows; change opening size and shape, apply custom casing, and create mulled units to create specific openings.

Doors Overview. Windows Overview. Door and Window Framing Controls. This series explores the various aspects of placing and modifying cabinet; learn how to use Manufacturer cabinet catalogs, corner cabinets and special shaped cabinets, applying molding and hardware, working with embedded appliances and fixtures.

Manufacturer Cabinet Basics. Placing an Apron Sink. Adding Built-in Appliances and Accessories to Cabinets. Modifying Cabinets. Corner Cabinets. Special Shaped Cabinets. Applying Materials to Cabinets. Adding Moldings to Cabinets. Extending Cabinet Stiles. Dimensioning Cabinet Face Items and Openings. Appliances and Fixtures. Adding Cabinet Hardware. Creating a Custom Cabinet Door. Creating Custom Cabinet Hardware. How to Create Refrigerator Panels.

Creating an Angled Corner Range. Kitchen Islands: Making the “Social Island”. Creating a Radiator Cover. Creating Custom Countertops. How to Create a Countertop Plan.


Chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free download –


Chief Architect Premier X8 Mac you draw walls and place smart architectural objects like doors and windows, the program /21361.txt a 3D model, generates a Materials List, and with the use of powerful привожу ссылку tools, helps produce Construction Documents with Site Plans, Framing Plans, Section Details, and Elevations.

Chief Architect Premier X8 for mac crack software for residential and light commercial design. Discover why millions of people use Chief Architect as the home design software product feee choice for 2D and 3D design. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the chef time I archiitect. Chief Architect Premier X8 Automatic and Manual Building tools allow you to create a variety of Roof styles. Chief Architect uses smart design objects, such as cabinets, to quickly.

The program automatically creates a 3D model and supports full 3D editing. You can design in any view for seamless chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free download simultaneous editing. Chief Architect has a powerful CAD software engine that includes tools. Quickly manipulate objects with multiple copy, align, reflect and replicate. Create site plans for single or multiple lots.

Import premie survey data or create with the Terrain Modeling tools. Define a North pointer and seasonal settings for shadow effects and overlays. Decking tools include automatic and manual deck framing; customize deck planking chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free download pdc.

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– Chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free download


Chief Architect, Chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free download. Mineral Dr. All rights reserved. No part of this documentation or the accompanying software may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from Chief Architect, Inc.

See Design Alliance. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of Chief Architect, Inc. Created in the United States of America. Creating a New Plan or Layout Chapter 3: Project Management Project Browser Chapter 5: Toolbars and Вот ссылка Toolbar Arrangement Snap Behaviors Chapter 8: Displaying Взято отсюда Displaying Objects Drawing Arcs – Arc Creation Modes Chapter Rooms Room Definition Room Labels Chapter Doors Door Defaults Chapter Windows Window Defaults Chapter Cabinets Cabinet Defaults Chapter Electrical Electrical Defaults Chapter Foundations Foundation Defaults Chapter Roofs Automatic vs.

Manual Roofs Automatic Roofs Chapter Framing Framing Defaults Automatic Framing Chapter Trusses Truss Defaults Chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free download Board Specification Dialog Chapter Other Objects Primitive Tools Polyline Solid Specification Dialog Chapter Materials About Materials Chapter 3D Rendering Rendering Здесь Chapter Terrain Terrain Toolbar Configuration Displaying Terrain Chapter Layout Layout Preferences and Defaults CAD and Text in Layout Chapter Printing and Plotting Introduction to Printing Considerations for Legacy Files Chief Architect Premier vs Interiors Not all of ссылка features described in this For a list of the features in each program, document are available in the Interiors visit our website, www.

Click on a name to open the file. You set the number of files in this list in the Preferences dialog. Product Key display here for reference. If your software license has an expiration date, 3 A selection of useful online Getting it will also display here. Started options and Resources are available here. Click on an option to launch To prevent the Startup Options dialog from your default internet browser to displaying when you launch Chief Architect, chiefarchitect.

For example, you can set up your windows and. Cartesian grid system, as well. When the program presents the option to rotate to an 3D Drafting Absolute Angle, this angle chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free download be measured relative to an imaginary horizontal line In Chief Architect, the entire drawing area is drawn in floor plan view from the origin in laid out on a Cartesian grid, a three the positive X direction.

The current position of your mouse pointer displays in Easy Access to Tools the Status Bar at the bottom of the program window. In addition, the location of objects can access to tools and let you customize the be precisely defined using coordinates, again interface. Imperial or metric units and their locations precisely defined using coordinates. Interface Toggles Default Behavior. A number of useful drawing and editing behaviors, as well as the display of important When a setting is turned on, its icon will elements in the interface, can be easily display a small checkmark at its lower right enabled and disabled using the menus and corner and have a border around it in both the toolbars.

For example: toolbars and the menu. Individual Object Snaps and Extension Snaps can be toggled as well. Using the Mouse Many objects, such as doors and cabinets, are window, click on its tab using the middle created by clicking the left mouse button. You can also program it to Others, such as walls, stairs and chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free download work as a double-click. Unless specified otherwise, Chief The Mouse Wheel can be used to Architect documentation refers to zoom in and out in most view types.

Note: If you are left-handed and have re-pro- grammed your mouse, reverse the instruc- The Back, or X1, button on a 5-button mouse tions for left and right buttons in this manual. See the The Right button has several uses. The Forward, or X2, button on a 5-button mouse can be used to temporarily enable the Right-click to select any object. If, for Resize edit behavior. See the documentation for your mouse. For information Use the right mouse button to temporarily about navigating in camera chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free download and over- switch to the Alternate edit behavior.

Using a Trackpad You can also use the right mouse button to open a context sensitive menu with In addition to the standard trackpad gestures additional editing commands. Panning is not supported in the temporarily use the Move edit Windows version of the software, however.

To close a tabbed view. Touch Screens of object s selected and how far you are zoomed in or out, the position of the Move Standard one-finger touch screen gestures handle may shift so that it remains on-screen.

In the Windows version, touching with a second finger to cancel an action is also supported, as are two-finger pan and two-finger pinch to zoom. Edit Handles The triangular Rotate handle lets you rotate the object.

How each handle behaves when it is clicked and dragged may depend on which Edit Behavior is currently active. When you pass the mouse over an edit Object labels also have their own Move handle, information about what the handle and Rotate handles.

If you are zoomed out far enough, some edit handles may be hidden so that they do Resize handles display along the edges of the not stack over one another. As you zoom in, object are used to change the size. See these handles become visible again. For example, when the you move the object. Depending on the type Select Objects tool is active, it will look. It also features two different View windows can be navigated by panning адрес of windows: view windows and side and zooming.

You can also enable scroll bars windows. There are open. View windows can be tiled or tabbed, a number of different types of view windows and you can navigate between them in a in Chief Architect: number of different ways. You can вот ссылка double-click on its title bar to return it to its last docked Side Windows location. Side windows provide access to a variety of Two or more side windows can be docked tools, content, and information that helps you together to form a shared side window, and organize and add detail your drawings.

There are several second side window over the first. When different types of side window: the docked window becomes highlighted, release sony pro 12 activation free download mouse button. Side windows can also be set to their initial To undock a side window, either drag its title states in the Preferences dialog. Undock button on its title bar. To dock a side.

Toolbars and Hotkeys Using the toolbar buttons is the fastest, by adding or removing buttons, or create easiest way to access many program features. You can move the toolbars, customize them. The buttons on вот ссылка edit tool and a more detailed description displays toolbar can be used to edit the selected in the Status Bar at the bottom of the object s. Which buttons display depends on program window.

When you see one of these the type of object selected, the current view, tool tips, press the F1 key to get more and how you selected the object. Down tools. You can select the interface that you prefer in the Preferences dialog.

Many commands can be invoked from the keyboard. Press Alt on your keyboard and Toolbar Configurations press the underlined letter in a menu name to Chief Architect installs with five Chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free download access that menu, as well as items in the Configurations, which are sets of toolbars menus and submenus. Other keys or key combinations will invoke a Each can be accessed in the Toolbar variety of program commands.

If a Chief Customization dialog, by right-clicking on a Architect menu item has a keyboard shortcut, chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free download, or by clicking a Toolbar or hotkey, associated with it, that hotkey will Configuration button.

Menus Chief Architect uses a standard Windows program.


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