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Jul 21,  · Since the game is associated with a movie, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I’d suggest getting the game “elsewhere”, and seeing if an emulator like nGlide or dgVoodoo can help with comptibility. Perhaps VOGONS has a topic on Braveheart the Game. William Wallace is a Scottish rebel who leads an uprising against the cruel English ruler Edward the Longshanks, who wishes to inherit the crown of Scotland for himself. When he was a young boy, William Wallace’s father and brother, along with many others, lost their lives trying to free Scotland. Once he loses another of his loved ones, William Wallace begins his long quest to make Scotland. Braveheart Demo. Play as a noble who will rist against the invasion and persectution of the English crown in this great freeform campaign game. In , the land of Scotland is in a state of chaos and noble clans feud over land ownership while the English move north for .

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I feel bad after braveheart pc game free download this game. I never once felt braveheaart it got in читать статью way of my enjoyment. Eidos has already released a huge patch for the game and I’m still having problems. It’s the allocation of workers that caused me the most frustration. Knowing which weapons work best against other weapons is the key to winning battles.


– Braveheart pc game free download


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Click on Download text link to open new page. Click on Download Here text link on bottom of appeared page to open new page. Click on file link to start download. Resume is not supported. Russian language. Download speed is high. The sixteen clans in the game are each unique and modeled with an eye to historical accuracy.

Over time, you’ll begin to know the weakness and strengths of each of your opponents and allies. Clan Cameron for instance is great on the battlefield but are totally inefficient in times of peace.

Campbell, on the other hand, prefers to rely on intrigue and their close ties with the English to rise to power. The clan you pick makes a huge difference in terms of starting location too. Once you’ve made your decision, you’re dropped into a tiny Scottish settlement circa For those of you who prefer to get things moving a little quicker, there are a few accelerated start options to help you get the jump on the competition.

The 3D tactical portion of the game is a whole lot more fun than the strategic town management portion. And the best part of the combat side of the game is the variety of camera angles. Although they’re a little limiting at first, once you get to know how to use them, you’ll be able to zip around the battle with relative ease. There’s a soldier’s view cam that allows you to look through the eyes of any of your troops. This is great for increasing involvement in the game but does very little to help you tactically.

Worst of all, you can’t actually take control of the soldier directly. In all the pre-release info of the game I kept thinking how cool it would be to actually be one of those soldiers and start busting heads personally. The other camera views are chase type modes that put you directly behind the soldier selected. Last of all is a free floating camera.

Sadly, it’s tied to the elevation of the last soldier camera and there are no separate controls for height. Otherwise camera control is pretty straightforward and surprisingly versatile. In terms of appearance, the graphics are pretty good.

That is, if you play the game only a few times. I can accept that all the soldiers in an individual unit look the same. It helps to differentiate them from other units. But none of the cool armors that you spent all that time building and distributing are even apparent on the battlefield.

That’s less important for your own troops but it really matters whether the enemy cavalry are dressed in padded tunics or chainmail. And there’s no way to tell. There’s also an upper limit of soldiers on the battlefield at once, so one soldier in the 3D display may represent 3 or 4 actual soldiers. I really wanted to see those big battles, but the game even jerks a little in the mid-sized battles.

Things aren’t much better when it comes to terrain. The pre-release hype mentioned that every mile of Scotland and northern England had been accurately mapped out when in fact, it’s very hard to tell one clan territory from another from the 3D view.

As a result, there are very few chances to use terrain to your advantage. Most of the fights take place out in a wide-open space–even when you’re sacking a town. There are some stunning variations when it comes to weather and time of day. The snow and storm textures in particular are amazing. But the fights themselves are very shallow. Despite the inclusion of controls for formation, most combats degenerate into one massive clump of friendly and enemy units killing each other.

There’s no finesse here and even if you try some sophisticated maneuvering, the computer player will invariably mush all his troops together and come at you. While this may be historically accurate, it’s boring as hell after your first dozen battles. I feel that the combat system has so much potential but it’s impossible to actually try anything fancy here.

There are so many genuinely impressive options for controlling your army but in the end, formation and tactics are just incidental to the outcome of the fight. Equally bad is the fact that you can’t set the opening formation for your troops. The computer just plunks them down in lines. Why the hell are my longspear carriers in the back! What’s the point? There are a lot of troops in the game and that’s where your decisions really pay off. Knowing which weapons work best against other weapons is the key to winning battles.

Keep in mind though that you’ll be facing two opponents–Scots and English. Each group has unique weapons. Scots have exclusive use of the claymore, long spear good against cavalry , broad axes, short bows and clubs. They’re not so much about using the cavalry themselves.

Most Scottish horses eventually wind up on the dinner table. The English have the big advantage here. They also get great swords, pikes, longbows and crossbows. While there’s a lot of variety to the menu, it takes forever for your armorers to “discover” new weapon types.

You’ll be clubbing it up for a while, my friend. Soldiers aren’t the only guys you can move around the map though.

Your Leaders are very important. Without a leader, an army can only do three things–move, garrison and guard. To initiate attacks, raids or ambushes you’ll need to assign a leader to your forces.

As an added bonus, most leaders are real head bashers and can take on their share of enemy forces. Leaders are also responsible for training your troops. Gotta show them villagers how to swing a club, you know. The training of your armies is not handled very well. You recruit green troops from your surplus population. As they practice, they get better. But if you change their weapons or reassign them, they lose all experience Or even worse, you accidentally disband the whole freakin’ unit.

I was begging for one of those annoying “Are you sure? Leaders are also responsible for your diplomatic relations with other clans. You can send leaders on these missions, but they’re too valuable You’re better off sending a Messenger. Messengers don’t have access to all the diplomatic functions that leaders do, but they get quite a few more.

Messengers can initiate alliances, ask for loans and ransom captured leaders. Why other leaders can’t do it, I’ll never know. The down side is that your messengers can be killed. So can your leaders now that I think about it, but you can send an army with a leader; you can’t with a messenger. Still, it’s worth it. The English will slaughter you if you don’t form alliances. Problem is, most of the enemy clans are so aggressive that forging a reliable alliance is next to impossible.

Scouts and spies are also at your disposal.


– Braveheart pc game free download

See You Yesterday. Monthly Newsletter. Slide Puzzle. Four of these areas are based on pulling resources from the surrounding land. Here in this article, we will list down different ways to Download Braveheart on PC in a step by step guide. It has got really good rating points and reviews.

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